Palm 71 84 product ratings 4. A good solid PDA without the bells and whistles. It includes a new small joystick like 5-way navigator and four good sized application buttons. It’s fast fun the pictures are not 1st class and sometiem looking strange but by and large OK. Visit manufacturer site for details. Palm calls this a slide and shoot design.. The Zire 71 has dual expansion, in the form of the Secure Digital SD slot and the Palm universal connector on the bottom.

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Palm says you can get up to 5 hours of MP3 playback or a week’s worth of “normal” use from one full charge; our zire 71 indicate these numbers are on the spot.

Even so, the installation scheme on Macs isn’t too arduous. Included in the box were cables for syncing with a computer via USB, and for charging from a wall outlet, Palm Desktop software for Mac and Windows, and a screen protector to apply if desired. There is a small speaker in zire 71 rear and a SD slot, IR window, headphone jack, stylus silo and power button at zire 71 top.

On the other hand, Palm’s Tungsten lineup will look like an anachronism by January, Zore posted a series of unedited pictures in different lighting zire 71 so zire 71 can make your own quality judgments. The sides zire 71 the device are smooth and clean, but can get a bit slippery especially if you have a case of sweaty palms. Many Palm fans were disappointed by the original Zire, a monochrome unit that offered a measly 2MB of memory and xire targeted at soccer moms. The 71 comes with a somewhat attractive black protective carrying case and a cradle.

Palm calls this a slide and shoot design.

The Z22 was a successor of Zire 21, but without the “Zire” moniker. The Palm Zire 72 was an upgraded version of Zire 71 Zire Excellent, powerful — and pricey. Subscribing to a newsletter zire 71 your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ve read that using the camera too much, or sliding the frame too much might damage zire 71 cable liking the two halves together, making the pda unchargable.

Palm Zire 71 Repair – iFixit

It is a decent thickness and weight. The build quality is solid with no creaks or rattling loose parts. The Zire 71’s main feature is cleverly concealed by a hidden sliding section. Good that it’s rechargable – suppose that’ll train me to hotsynch more often. You can view zire 71 taken and zire 71 some very basic editing and sharing.

Palm Zire 71 Review & Rating |

Zire 71 Fun and Capable Camera Phone. Marge Brown, a PC Magazine Zire 71 Editor, has worked in the technology field for twenty years, as Director of Technology at The Travelers Companies, as an independent Managed Health Care technology consultant, and as owner of Brown Consulting Associates, the family’s freelance technology writing business.

The screen is crisp and bright the way I’d always hoped they’d eventually make color screens.

You might not need every tool for every zire 71. It also helps to shoot in well-lit areas, though we were able to get plenty of decent shots indoors, even without a flash.

Palm Zire 71

Show less Show more. Sony may have manufacturing ability, but I don’t think they have cost advantage. I wrote my to-do lists on a Post-It, I took notes in a notebook zire 71 I took pictures with a disposable camera.

Did You Score Some Deals? The in box zire 71 includes: She used it every day and I think zire 71 ideal for something like this. Zjre users found issues with the sensitivity of the device’s joystick, which on certain devices was prone to powering up the PDA inside pockets, bags, and other containers, thus draining the batteries.

Zire Handheld

Zire 71 screen fades and zire 71 a little bit of it’s vividness in direct sunlight, but is still very useable. Here I was, weeks away from graduating high school zide moving on to college. I’ve grown so accustomed to them since the beginning of PDAs that I can’t live without one.