The benefits exceed the drawback by far. When the laptop arrived I noticed a pixel at the top mid-left of the screen that shined bright green whenever the screen was moved. Another important requirement was the ability to write its own CDs and DVDs without having to use an external drive. The maximum brightness amounted to On the other hand the stability of the lid is worse.

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Also the touchpad satelliite the L is really small. It has a simple black and silver scheme, the lid also being black, which makes a difference from past laptops I have had.

The most annoying things we discovered are the see-saw of toshiba satellite l100 screen after adjusting ll100 position and the wobbling of the screen, if closed.

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Budget CPUs are not the under-performing items they once were. However, if you configure your notebook for maximum performance, only about one and an half hour battery runtime is possible. The maximum brightness amounted to The benefits exceed the drawback by far. The xm has trouble with more graphically intensive games such as Battlefield 2.

Secondly, the Toshiba logo on the top of the lid is not fitted toshiba satellite l100 its space properly and has come toshiba satellite l100 at the edges before. When the laptop arrived I noticed a pixel at the top mid-left of the screen that shined bright green whenever the screen was moved.

However, after some adaption time, you’ll get used to it. From a point of view of raw power, the CPU performs impressively being roughly equivalent to a 1. Toshiba satellite l100, typing is quite comfortable.

Toshiba Satellite L100-194

Bottom view of Toshiba L view large image. Toshiba satellite l100 overall design is very reminiscent of the Satellite Pro P and as such the laptop does not feel like a budget machine.

With such high requirements and such a small budget, special offers were a must. As a result the laptop loses stability.

The L line is the toshiba satellite l100 for the L20 series of notebooks sold in Europe as of now this laptop is not sold by Toshiba in North America. Loudness Generally speaking, the Satelite Sxtellite is a quiet notebookjust like other Toshiba laptops. The only concern here is lack of desktop space, as the picture remains sharp with good bright colours and excellent contrast.

Firstly, the screen assembly has more flex in it than one would hope for.

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Most older Toshiba notebooks have diminutive touch pads. Although the brightness isn’t stunning at first, you have to notice that glossy screens have generally better parameters. Generally speaking, the Satelite L is a quiet toshiba satellite l100just like other Toshiba laptops.

Toshiba Satellite Pro L with screen on view large image. At what point the IGP takes mb of ram I do not know as I have not been able to install more than 1Gb of system ram up to this point. Toshiba satellite l100 homepage Toshiba notebook section. Because the base unit is relatively small, most of the ports toshiba satellite l100 to be located at the notebook’s sides.

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An external or PCMCIA sound card would really be required for complicated music and sound-related tasks on this laptop. I find this aspect extremely annoying in general use. Pleasing laptop design is as individual as the user, however I think the L looks very good. While toshiba satellite l100 without load the fan breaks the silence every minutesresonantly blowing out toshiba satellite l100 air the whole operation lasts about a second.

It also struggles with City of Heroes, having a wildly fluctuating frame rate and only allowing for low settings.