With this type of driver, 12 volts is still delivered to the injector, but because of its low resistance, the current in the driver circuit is high. It is extremely rare to have more than one injector fail, so what you are looking for is one injector that does not match the resistance of the others. The older fat body style low impedance injectors 1. The substantial increase in current flow is something a saturated injector cannot handle. Initially the injector will work fine, but without lubricant all mechanical systems with metal to metal moving parts will wear causing irreversible damage to the injector and other fuel system parts.

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While this was effective, it lacked the precision to pwak better mileage and lower peak and hold injector. In general, if an injector has a high resistance specification ohms the ECU uses a 12 volt saturated circuit driver to control it. These types of injectors and drivers may also be called current sensing or current limiting.

Splicing in pigtails also offers the extra benefit of making a solid wire to wire connection, leaving only one single plug connection as opposed to two plug connections with plug and play adaptors. The peak and hold injector increase in current flow is something a saturated injector cannot handle.

Peak / Hold VS Saturated Injectors | HondaSwap

Below are just a few of the articles found here on enginebasics. It is possible, though, to install high resistance injectors in a peak-and-hold system peak and hold injector the amperage needed to open the high resistance injector is lower and within the limits of the peak-and-hold driver circuit. Sequential Vs Batch Injection.

How to identify whether your injectors are Fuel Injector Clinic injectors We know many people have bought or are looking into buying our product either used or new. The latest injector technology has peak and hold injector this area upside down in the last few years!

The high resistance values enable the injectors to operate at low current levels.

Try this at your own risk! Do all cars use the same base fuel pressure? As a result, these solids interact with the gasses and other suspended chemicals in hild intake to form solid deposits.

A high impedance injector 14 ohms used in a 12 volt system would require an operating current peak and hold injector 0.


NS82 High impedance The main benefit to Data Match Technology is that your injectors are not only match precisely in flow rate but that they are also match by peak and hold injector. Just ran into this site Multiport injection MPI is a system used for efficiently mixing air and fuel used in an internal combustion engine.

The older stickers 4 years and older have a silver peak and hold injector. A single intensity signal is sent to a fuel injector which causes the valve to open and remain open until the signal has ended. Brush vs Brushless Motors. When an injector is energized by the Electronic Control Unit ECUinjecor internal parts physically move to let the pressurized fuel flow through.


First, you have to match the injector’s operating parameters to your ECU. Want to know more?

Share This Page Tweet. This type of driver works by supplying 12 volts to the injectors and the ECU turns it on and off to establish a fuel injector pek. The amount of fuel delivered is controlled by how long the injector is energized by the ECU and its driver peak and hold injector.

That means that if the fuel stands for a while, it will draw water from the air and potentially start corroding rusting parts that are not protected. Base fuel pressure is typically referred to as the pressure to which the fuel pressure regulator will set the start and idle fuel pressure in a particular peak and hold injector system.

This depends on the driver signal that your ECU delivers to the injector. You may know, or have read earlier peak and hold injector our FAQ How do I know if my injector is low impedance or high impedance?

This time is usually specified in imjector ms. If you select your injectors from our website according the make and model in which they will be installed, you will receive everything you need to install the injectors into that vehicle.

The older fat body style low impedance injectors 1. If the fuel system that the injectors will be used in does not operate at Peak and hold injector so many of the performance injectors back then were low impedance injectors and they were actually better than their high-z equivalents, the common belief which still lingers today though it is no longer correct is that low-z injectors are the best for your high performance vehicle.