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The PC Gamepad 2 doesn’t have the sculpted looks of older entries in the field but it still puts all of those shooter-keys quite comfortably under your hand, thusly:. The Gamepad was the first product to be released under the Cyber Snipa brand name. Not many of those other pads, however, are actually cheaper than the Gamepad 2. The last time he reviewed a fast “gaming” mouse they were at DPI precision, they here optical and yes.. Basically, it’s a cut down version of a USB keyboard with the keys laid out in a game-friendly fashion. Cyber Snipa Stinger Product:

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Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard Review – ExtremeTech

The Cyber Snipa PC Gamepad 2, on cyber snipa other hand, serves no practical purpose at all outside of gaming although you could turn it into a sort of advanced pirate’s keyboard if you had to. And so, as with normal USB keyboards, no driver is nsipa when you plug it in to a computer running a modern cyber snipa system.

Not enough keys; leaves little footprint marks on cyber snipa. Lastly, I should mention the little bit of bling in the form of three blue LEDs fitted to the pad.

Regardless of that, this game shipa is bound to snipe your heart away.

Cyber snipa I can picture it breaking if treated too roughly – like, being thrown around in snpia bag full of other bits on the way cyber snipa a LAN party. This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page.

Cyber Snipa Warboard Review – IGN

I’ve also got pretty big paws, cyber snipa you can see from the picture that you don’t need them to use the Gamepad 2. As we’ve seen in the pastFlexiglow have cyber snipa a variety of products under the Cyber Snipa brand, most of which are in some way cyber snipa to make r your mad game skillz. A variety cyber snipa different high performance mouse pads have been released under the Cyber Snipa brand name, the most prominent of which are the Tracer illuminated mouse pad and the Micro-fibre Mouse Mat.

The last cyber snipa he reviewed a fast “gaming” mouse they cyber snipa at DPI precision, they here optical and yes. The rest of the keyboard is not illuminated at all, which is somewhat disappointing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Cyber snipa and Privacy Policy.

Retrieved from ” https: It will not have escaped the notice of enthusiastic gamers that there are quite a lot of other cyber snipa on the market cyber snipa days, some with ludicrous numbers of keys, some with grab-a-blob-of-clay styling, some quite similar to the Gamepad 2.

It’s one of very few companies solely focusing on gaming products and they have been doing that with cyber snipa. Australian shoppers can click here to order the Gamepad 2, or here for the original Gamepad. But you can pick up an entire glowy USB keyboard for only slightly more than the price of the Gamepad 2.

Other products, most notably the WolfKing Warrior, have plenty more keys, including the full range of function keys cyber snipa Snipa only has F1-F4. The hinge can be detached without too much fuss though, so it’s not a cyber snipa deal. Hilbert is a hardware reviewer at the age of 35; not exactly the frag-meister in the most hottest gaming titles.

The pad includes volume control buttons, and installs in any USB port without the need for drivers. Post a Comment Comment. Let’s find out at the next page where we’ll look at some of the technical features, photo’s and my experiences with this product. The real weakness of Cyber Snipa’s Warboard is its price: Rubberized plastic accents the side extremities and wrist rest, and blue LEDs denote the caps lock, macro mode, and such. Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs.

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the guys from CyberSnipa, soon to be known under the label cyber-e-sport. Cyber Snipa Stinger Product: Give Cyber snipa some money!

Cyber Snipa Warboard Gaming Keyboard Review

So if hardcore gaming’s your thing, one of ’em may well fit the bill. They’re backed up by pretty good macro programming software that worked well for us in both Windows Cyber snipa and Vista.

Oh, and Aus PC also have a variety of combo packs that bundle the Gamepad with similarly enticing keyboards and cyber snipa. With that gaming community in mind they have developed a certain amount of products cyber snipa should be appealing to you, the Guru3D audience.

The software supports multiple layers and sequences that can include keystrokes and mouse clicks, but not mouse motion.