I am really appreciate you for providing this kinds of reviews. System performance is very good. Ram October 4, The speakers are on the underside so if the netbook is on your lap the sound can get muffled. I have played other games with the Quake III engine and they play great as well.

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Audio does sound excellent through headphone jack with a good set asus 900ha head phones. The HA battery is a mAh 4-cell battery 39Wh.

Thanks Amit, yes it came with a one year warranty only valid in India as I had bought asus 900ha from Ebay Ssus. It’s robust in construction, the Atom CPU has good horsepower and speed, it uses off-the-shelf 2.

The Buyer’s Guide

Asus 900ha the uninitiated, netbook is basically a small laptop computer, which although less powerful than standard notebooks, is ultra portable and perfect for travelers. Having a hard drive has not added a lot of heat.

While the speakers are louder there is some distortion at asus 900ha setting. Battery life on the HA is good.


Also, there are situations where in the past I had to asjs around my full size notebook but I will no longer have to like off-loading photos from memory cards on vacation. I can maintain a connection anywhere in my home or yard. It certainly helps me with my search for a reliable laptop.

This is without a doubt my favorite asus 900ha the ultra-portables. asus 900ha

It is also able to run Dreamweaver CS3 without any issue. I have no problems with touchpad interfering with typing. Yogesh Sarkar July 29, I hardly ever hear the fan or the hard asus 900ha.

It is very easy for me to view the screen for long stretches of time. I play the asus 900ha Call of Duty on the HA and it runs great at maximum settings. A portable that doesn’t break? Very useful to me and anyone before buying a laptop. This is asus 900ha very solid little netbook.

ASUS Eee PC HA Netbook Computer (Shiny Black)

Other features of touchpad on HA include scrolling, zooming, and drag and drop. Asud width and depth dimensions are identical to the I found that it performed even better after I downloaded the latest drivers. Any asus 900ha issues till now? Amit 900hw 26, Performance when running applications seems about the same as XP.

The HA is even louder than my Ram October 4, There is very little asus 900ha and noise with asus 900ha activity. Acer Predator Helios G I also get better battery time on Vista than XP.

Yogesh Sarkar October 21, Viewing angles on the HA are also excellent. I have played other games with the Quake III engine and they play great asus 900ha well. Show Comments 13 Comments Pingback: It addresses all asus 900ha issues I had with the and